Shapers of Pro-Foam

Check out some of the businesses and shapers we work with.

We love hearing from all our shapers both big and small so if you have anything you want to say or have any pictures of our blanks and products in action, hit us up at and we'll make you internet famous..

Beach Beat Surfboards

Beach Beat Website

Continuing a long standing association with Beach Beat Surfboards, first with Peter 'Chops' Lascelles and now with his son Marcus.. Pro-Foam has been supplying these guys for over 20 years

Escape Surfboards

Escape Website

Bill Attlee has been a friend and customer for over 20 years, helping with R+D and even developed some blank profiles. 

He uses our foam exclusively and won't be swayed. 

Cord Surfboards

Cord Website

Internationally renowned shaper Ronnie Woodward teams up with Cord Surfboards and Pro-Foam on a recent promotional shaping visit to the UK. 

Skindog Surfboards

Skindog Website

Ben 'Skindog' Skindog and his team have relied on our quality foam for over 10 years. 

Our blanks have found themselves under the feet of World Champs to super keen 'Skinpup' groms. 

The Beast of the East

Phrenix Website

When you get in the factory and find two huge neat piles of snow on a freshly shaped Pro-Foam blank...

4 days with snow on.. brushed it off, hung above the log burner for 30 mins and good as new! Stoked that Pro-Foam blanks are waterproof!!

- Josh John Dimery, Phrenix Surfboards

Just finished shaping my new 6'2" Little Kicks model.  5'11" minisim that strangely surfs good in waves a bit bigger than I thought it would, insanely fast, weirdest funnest board I've ever surfed, Pro-Foam ProFlex blanks yeeew!!!

- Alex from Scotland

Catching up on some personal projects. S glass wrap with hydro flex blank.

- Jaxon Surfboards