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Pro-Foam produce high quality foam surfboard blanks.

At the centre of every good surfboard is a high quality blank. Pro-Foam use MDI technology processes to ensure high quality, water-tight, environmentally sound blanks that are 100% manufactured in the UK. 

With a huge range of 19 blanks we cater for every type of surf craft imaginable with a wide variety of stringer types, materials and customisable set-ups. 

With over 40 years of combined experience in blank blowing there really is no quality alternative to Pro-Foam.

Pro-Foam - Shaping the Future

ProFlex Composite Stringers

ProFlex Blanks

ProFlex composite stringers now available on all shortboards

Consistent flex pattern from nose to tail

Recycled material that retains it's pop longer than wood

ProFlex Composite Stringers

Build your own surfboard!

Pick Your Kit

Everything you need to build your own board

Choose between our full kit and basic kit in a range of sizes. Individual items are available on request

From Homeblown to Pro-Foam

what next?

After a lifetime making surfboards and surf blanks I’m retiring to do other things while I still can.

In the most serendipitous way, my long-time buddy Martin Mynne AKA Minzy is taking over the enterprise.  Minzy has been involved in the production of some of the most High-Tech racing boats in existence (Vendee Globe, Volvo Ocean Race, Americas Cup) and will bring his knowledge to an industry that has been stuck in 70s technology.

As many of you know, Minzy has done his time in board glassing at Chops’s and is probably the most consistently tubed board rider around so knows what he’s talking about.

The crew remain with Steph (as ever) ruling the roost, so initially the only noticeable difference will be the name change from Homeblown to Pro-Foam.

I say initially as I know they have many plans to improve product, product range and services. They carry a fresh enthusiasm and energy for the business that has been lacking latterly.

So thank you for supporting us over the years. Goodbye, it’s been great working with you. I’ll see you around (probably at the beach).

Tris xx

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